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We work with you to create a practical plan, identifying each step necessary to move your office to the cloud and make you productive¬†on the go. We pay attention to your business’s needs, culture, and vision to find the best tools for your small business.

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What is Cloud Computing?

We all know that everything is on “the cloud”, but what systems and programs do you need to really use the cloud to its fullest potential? That’s what we’ll help you find out! There are tools out there for every skill level and every type of small business.

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Take Your Business On the Go

Wouldn’t you like to access your business files and records from anywhere in the world? We love being able to pick up and go (even internationally) without leaving our¬†projects in the dust. We’re small, and our personal attention will help you find the tools that will best make your small business or non-profit thrive.

We have expertise in administration, donor management, IT, non-profit accounting, online database systems, social collaboration systems, and fundraising, as well as social media and marketing.